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Reduce Payments & Manage Cash Flow

Direct Funder for Reverse Consolidations


up to 10 points

Funding Solutions from

$25,000 to $2 million

Offers Made within

3 hours

We Keep Funding Simple

Straightforward offers, no nonsense stip-chasing

Reverse Consolidation

This program helps merchants better manage their day-to-day cash flow
* This is NOT a debt settlement program

Improve cash flow by up to 50% through incremental funding 

Maximize earnings potential on merchant accounts that are otherwise ineligible for additional funding

Obtain additional lower-cost capital once the consolidation is completed, terms ranging from 60 to 180 days

Are High Daily Payments Draining Cash Flow?

Our cash flow management program can help provide a boost in daily cash-flow. Our goal is to provide additional capital and show payment history for larger fundings


Current Payment

After Funding


How To Get Signed Up
Fill out the form below to become a partner





DocuSign ISO Agreement

Hop on a quick call with one of our representatives to get approved

Submit Deals

Submit deals to the dedicated G&G Funding Team and receive decisions within hours


Our team will work with you to customize terms for your deals and our streamline process allows for expedited funding on every file 

Funded Emails

Everyone's favorite part of the funding process!

Turning Big Files into
Bigger Commissions

Our funding team provides a fast, efficient, and lucrative funding platform for you to utilize.

Our funding program aims to stimulate growth for merchants in both the short and long terms by freeing up cash flow to tackle upcoming jobs, cover payroll, and buy equipment, and so much more!


We look forward to funding deals together and exceeding your current expectations for merchant cash advance funding.



We pride ourselves in making decisions as fast as possible so you can manage your deal flow


Work hand in hand with the G&G Funding Team to customize terms that work for your merchant


We are dedicated to being your trusted choice for reverse consolidation funding

What ISOs Have To Say

"Subbed on Monday 28th in the morning, and Funded by 5pm. Professional team, efficient and fast. Keep up the good work."

"Subbed at 11am, funded before 4pm. Solid team with a solid reverse product."

"I send all my reverses to G&G because they are straight shooters and are fast to fund. I count on them to actually answer the phone and work with me to get the offer where it needs to be."

Tracy - December 31 2021

Conor - January 4 2022

Mike - January 12 2022

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